Ranch n Craft Wiki

Ranch n Craft has a diverse crew of staff members, all with different jobs, but whos main goal is all the same; to make the server a fun, enjoyable place for players!

Upper Staff

Tyshow, Founder: Howdy Yall I am Tyshowuri aka Ty. I am one of the 2 people that started Ranch N' Craft! It all started when one of my close friends Flintyraccoon had his own realm server and we were trying to get my brother from another mother MysticTrev invited to it but sadly my friend only had limited internet and could only get on, on the weekends. MysticTrev had the idea to start a server so all of our friends could join and would not have to wait to get whitelisted. Could you believe that Ranch N' Craft was first a medevil server? It use to be called Nethermine but it only lasted a month or so before MysticTrev had the bright idea come to him while he was eating a salad in a pizza restaurant of all things  Just like that Ranch N' Craft was born.

So who am I? I am Ty I am a postal worker by day and a virtual rancher by night I guess xD. I am one of the Founders of RnC and my job duties vary from day to day. From helping users with server restarts,problems with the donation store, fixing recovery glitches, fighting of the trolls that try to harm my server/staff/and users, take /ar times for the staff and make sure they get paid bi - weekly if they make their hours, along with a handful of other admin+ duties.  Of course there is other things like hosting events at /warp Ulvland (the largest and prettiest trail system [i think anyway xD] in the server, thanks to our wonderful Ulvland staff members that helped make it pretty!) as well as /warp Endurance for all your pvp and pve needs. I really enjoy doing map art with my friend Kevinthegreat_87.

More about me outside RnC:

Like I said I am a postal worker and I love it! Also I love to collect crystals as well as Tarot/Oracle decks. I am an empath/reverse empath. That means I can sense other peoples emotions around me and often feel them like they are my own. The reverse one means that i can change the moods of those around me..(or so i was told.) I am a gamer of course! I love playing multiple games like GTA5,RDR2,Minecraft,Cod (mostly black ops/ black ops zombies) and much much more! I mostly play on PC though I do have a ps4 as well. I have older consoles as well like the original Xbox,Xbox 360, Wii, and Game boy color/ds/3ds. I do not have a horse IRL but I have ridden them when i was little on vacations. I almost died on one once too but that's another story in itself. I also have a black cat named Seraphina and she is like a daughter to me since I dont have my own kids xD! Well thats enough about me i guess. I am always on Discord! My discord is Tyshow#3250 I am always here if you need to talk or have any issues with the server.  Thank you for your time reading this. Happy Ranching!

Trev, Advisor: My role as an advisor consists of helping upper staff make decisions on the servers well-being, taxes and business law, and assisting upper staff with duties. I also am very involved with plugin design, development, and research. You will also see me a lot more on the test server when testing begins. About me: I am 37 years young, have two amazing kids, more than a dozen fur kids, and love spending my very little free time with my family, playing Call of Duty, or one of my many hobbies. I have been with RnC since even before day one and was one of two people to create the very first plugin for the amazing server. I was very active and involved on all sides of RnC until 2020. At which point, with life, personal endeavors, and some struggles, I made the extremely difficult decision to step back and take some much needed time to slow down and enjoy life. I have been doing just that ever since! I have been asked by quite a few of you whom reached out, “Will that ever change?” And I’ll answer again that as I did before. “No one knows what time can change.” RnC is still and I think always will be my “safe-haven.” It’s where I found some of my best friends, supporters, and confidence! Where at any moment I can log in-game or discord and feel like I just come back home. Where there’s people who care, people who are welcoming, understanding, and tight knit. Most importantly, a place that I am finally able to be myself and have never been judged! Something I can’t even say for my “real life” encounters. All in all, that is me! Add in a bunch of puns, bad dad jokes, and a bit of sarcasm, you’ve goat yourself a Trev! Much love to you all!

Jordy, Owner: Hi, I'm Jordy and I'm an Owner on Ranch N Craft! I've been on RnC for 5 years now, having started out as just a regular player before I was promoted to Mod (No Guides or Volunteers back then!) I help manage the staff and oversee user experience. This includes hosting staff meetings, hiring new staff, adding new plugins, working with our dev on the horse expansions, plugin editing, events seasons,  and a lot more stuff outside of game!

Calla, Admin: n/a

Luna, Admin: Hello, My name is Luna and I am an admin. I have been around for who knows how long, but I started my staff journey back in January of 2017 when I got mod. On ranch n craft I mainly do website work or I just hang out in game. Mainly I am in game as the website pretty much runs on its own but sometimes there are stuff to do with it.  To be honest my life is rather boring  at the moment but sometimes I bake or cook or do other stuff but most of the time I just play on rnc. I also have a really messed up sleep schedule so you might find me online really late for someone in the european timezones but I usually always sleep in so it works out in a way.

Jo, Admin: Hey, I'm Jo and I'm one of the admins on RnC. I started playing on RnC back in 2017 before joining the Guide team in 2018 and working my way up to Admin over the years, with a little break from RnC somewhere in between. My responsibilities around the server include managing The RoundUp, server shows, and quests, among other things. In real life, I have a degree in equine science and am working on finding my path in the field. I love birds and live with 3 currently. My cockatiel, Coco is the absolute love of my life. RnC has always been my place to unwind and hang out with friends, I met some very cool people when I first joined that I still talk to today. One of those people being Dare, and believe it or not, now we live together!


Dare, Moderator: Hi, my name is Dare and I'm a moderator for RnC. I joined the server in early 2018, became a trial guide then guide early 07/2018, then later a mod late 08/2018. I took a bit of a break in 2020 but returned to the team in 2021. Along with my regular staff responsibilities I help manage minigames, make server art, and enjoy building for various projects around the server. I try to be active in a range of different timezones so hopefully you will see me around! In my personal life I'm passionate about all things animals, especially birds and fish. My household consists of 2 green cheek conures and a cockatiel, but I also have 2 cockatiels, 2 budgies, and an african grey at my parent's home! I've cared for and researched just about every animal I was allowed to keep as a pet throughout my life (cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles, rodents) and my dream would be to create a career involving animals. Over the years I've spent on the server I've gotten to know so many unique people and even grown a friend group of the best people I've ever had in my life, I'm happy to say through the server I met my partner Jo who I now live with.

Nat, Moderator: n/a

Panda, Moderator: Hey! My username is pandaisy_ but I am more commonly known as Panda, you most probably either know me from being in game or my annoying voice on the YouTube channel. I have many roles on the server, I manage the social medias, I volunteer for WCR, I am a moderator, I am a lead vet,  I teach people how to host dressage etc etc. Outside of the server, I am currently studying to be an equine scientist! Meaning I absolutely love talking about horse welfare and diseases. I also compete dressage and occasionally jump! I have two dogs called Molly and Basil who I love! Feel free to message me in game or on discord if you ever want to have a chat or just nerd out about horses with me!

Rigby, Moderator: Hey guys, I am Rigby!  In game my nickname is RigbyDuck! My favourite animals are ducks (hence the cute duck skin) and bees. I am 21 years old and I’m currently studying Law at university! I joined Ranch n Craft in 2018 and became a trial guide around April 2019. I have since been promoted up to a moderator and I love my role on the server! It’s a lot of fun to moderate the server and help lots of people out!

Misty, Moderator: Hey there! My name's Misty, and I'm a moderator for RnC! My username comes from the name of my gorgeous doggo and I absolutely love animals and gaming! I also enjoy escaping the realms of reality through a good book or movie. I originally joined Ranch n Craft because I was looking for a survival server, but I almost immediately realized just how epic the horse plugins and events are, and how incredible the community is. I think I have a very similar story to most people who love RnC, in that I had never really felt like part of a community before, and by working my way up to being a mod I felt extremely lucky to have the opportunity to help it continue to be a welcoming space, alongside the rest of the awesome staff team. Hope you have a great day!

Otter, Moderator: Heya I'm AmericanOtter aka Otter! I am a moderator and vet. I joined the server back when 3.0 officially started, so I was pretty lucky to have a bunch of clear land to work with. I took a break in April 2019 to get a major surgery done, but RnC kept me motivated and when I came back I had an overwhelming amount of support. I've made so many friends while online and I enjoy talking to all players in chat, from old to new. There's a ton of other things I love to do while on rnc, these things include, Training horses! Mainly groundwork; I could stand around for hours talking in chat while lunging.  I also love to build, I'm really into interior and natural decorating! Minigames are also such a fun past time for me... Especially when I'm winning against my friends. Of course I have real life things I enjoy too, like taking care of my pets and crafting. Irl I a have 4 pet rats and honestly they're a blast to take care of! I can even combine my two favorite things to do when taking care of them. I've made many DIY hides and toys, its the best thing ever. RnC has impacted my life in so many positive ways, I'm so grateful for everyone I've met and become friends with. This is for sure my safe and happy space!


Alicorn, Guide: Hello I’m Alicorn, commonly referred to as Ali and I’m a Guide on RnC! I’ve been on the server for about 4 years.  Got Trial Guide (God I’m old) almost 3 years ago and have been part of the staff team and promoted to Guide ever since. My job is to deal with new players mostly and answer questions in chat, basically just being an all-round helper to the server. I also host events when I can so I can entertain players. In real life I’m very passionate about drawing, dinosaurs, my studies and my pets. I have 5 cats (2 new kittens that I’m looking after), a dog and my loaches. I’m also British and studying my dream job to be an artist of some kind. I’m usually always looking in chat so if you see me please do say hi, I love making new friends online!

Emilia, Guide: Hello! I’m Emilia and I’m a guide on  Ranch n’ Craft. I’ve been here for just over two and a half years and I’m a guide. I’m the cheer captain for my school team and I also ride horses. I do ballet and contemporary dancing, and have been since I was five. I started riding horses around the same time to! My family owns a farm and we have close to a total of 50 animals. Besides Rambo, my cat, I also have two snakes who are my children. Their names are Cobalt and Sayla. I could talk all day about cheer, dance, horses, and farm life but I take interest in Marvel things to! I’m obsessed with Natasha Romanoff and one of my chickens is named after her. I could State thousands of her lines, and so much more. On the server I help guide new players, host events, and help manage the hosts.

Snapples, Guide: I be the Snappy_Bean! I originally joined RnC back in 2017 and have stayed since! RnC was my first multiplayer server, so it holds a special place in my heart. Being a guide, or a member of staff, wasn't an ambition of mine at all until I realized how much fun and how great it felt to help others and be apart of a working team. I'm happy where I am now, and even if things in real life get a little bumpy, I know RnC's going to have my back. I love all things cats, and plan to become a plant mom because little green dudes make me happy. I have an ukulele I haven't touched in eons, and am cursed to love FPS games, strawberry lemonade, hardcover books, and anime. I have a habit of setting food on fire, so do not ask me to cook in the kitchen. I'm a safety hazard.

Zenpho, Guide: Hello! My name is Zenpho/Abby and I am a guide on RnC! I joined this server right at the end of 2020 and have grown to love RnC dearly and have gotten so attached to this amazing community! I'm also a co-owner of RanchnCritters a zoo on the server! My favorite things to do on the server are participate in events and build!

In real life I am an elementary school teacher and my students love that I play minecraft! I also live on a small farm with two of my own horses, cows, goats, and many chickens! I love to sing and listen to music!

Jamie, Guide: Hi I'm jamie and I've been playing RnC for two years! I also have been a guide for almost a year now! I started playing because of covid times and boredom. A little bit about myself is I'm a teacher for elementary kiddos and I I giraffes so much! Some other games I love to play is Slime Rancher, Undertale and Zelda! So if you ever want to talk about video games I'm your girl!

Tilly, Guide: Hi there! My name is Tilly, and I’m a guide on RnC! I’ve been playing RnC since 2020 and fell in love with it the second I started! RnC became my new go-to place to hang out whenever I was bored, and it led me to meet so many awesome people on there! You’ll probably catch me building or making map art in game, but I have a few shops on the sidelines that I run and a wonderful town called Aleuria which has a multitude of shops, horse training areas, stables, etc!

However, in real life I love to volunteer in my spare time to help look after animals at a rescue center! At the moment I’ve also been focusing on buying plants for my small but growing herb, fruit and vegetable patch gardens, which my dog is a very big fan of aha! Other than that, I’m a massive Harry Potter nerd and could go on a year long rant about it and everything that is Harry Potter related in my life!

Erin, Guide: Gday! I’m Efrog_33 aka Erin and I’m a guide and vet on Ranch n Craft! I joined Rnc just under 2 years ago back at the start of 2020. I originally joined Rnc with my friend but quickly grew to love the sever, spending almost all my spare time online. I have met so many amazing people and I truly love the Rnc community. In game you might see me farming, which I love to do, or exploring other people's builds. If not, I'm usually aimlessly flying around and procrastinating, which I often do as I consider myself a terrible builder! I’m always down for a chat or a bit of fun if you see me online! You might not though, as I am often on at some wacky times since I’m Australian!

A little bit about me, my favourite colour is green and I love anything to do with frogs or the jungle! I love going riding weekly with friends or by myself and I especially love cross country jumping! Apart from horse riding I also play competitive soccer. I own a fat fluffy ginger cat called Ranger who is always getting into mischief and is always hungry. Some hobbies of mine outside of school include Playing video games, Reading, listening to music and I love to do anything outdoors such as climbing or hiking! Now you know a little bit about me, I hope to see you around! Yeehaw!

Jaycee, Guide: Hiya, my name is Jaycee aka lilanxiouspeach and I am a guide on RnC! I’m a 20 year old redhead, my pronouns are she/her, and I’m from Northern Arizona! When I’m not playing on this wonderful server I enjoy hanging out with friends, binge watching countless shows and doing things with dogs! I’m slowly getting into training my dog for different events such as agility, dock diving, flyball, barn hunt, etc. All of that is just for fun at the moment but I do have hopes to compete with my border collie, Nellie! I have a couch potato weimaraner named Quincy, who truly doesn’t act anything like a dog. I also have a cat named Suede, he’s a very affectionate boy who loves meeting new people and sitting on my patio! I love talking to new people and making new friends so if you ever want anyone to talk to, feel free to reach out!!

Veralyon, Guide: Hello, I am Veralyon, the one with many nicknames. I am in my twenties, and I joined RnC a little over a year ago. English is NOT my mother tongue, I am fluent in Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese. I am still trying to learn on my own more languages.  My hobbies include playing video games, cooking, watching Kdramas, anime and listening to music. I play several video games mostly online games, I’ll play any game that allows me to hangout with friends and have fun. Unfortunately, most of my time is dedicated to studying so you will probably see me online super late or early in the EST time zone. Also, I am an avid Kpop stan and my favourite groups are BTS, GIDLE and ASTRO <3. I also love brains, the best organs, period.