Ranch n Craft Wiki

Fast Travel

What is Fast Travel?

Fast travel is a custom plugin made specifically for RnC! Similar to warps, fast travel allows a player to go to any point, anywhere, any time!

How do I use Fast Travel?

To access the fast travel GUI, type /ft into chat. Once the GUI pops up on your screen you will see categories such as: Art, Plants, Landscaping, Building, and more! Clicking on a category will bring up all of the fast travel points in that section, which you can then click to teleport to that point.

How Can I make a Fast Travel Point?

Fast travel points can be bought on the donation store under miscellaneous. Once a point is bought it is permanently linked to your account and can be reset and edited as much as you like. To set up your new fast travel point use the command /ft help. To edit your point simply use /ft edit.

Head Database

What is the Head Database?

Head Database is a plugin that allows users to purchase decorative player heads in exchange for special tokens. These player heads come in a huge variety of designs, including but not limited to: Letters, plants, animals, food/drinks, etc.

Using the Head Database

To access the Head Database, use the command /hdb. This will cause a GUI to pop up where you will be able to see all the categories the database has to offer. Click the category head you are interested in to start looking through it. You are also able to search for heads tagged with key words with /hdb search keyword.

Hovering over a head will show you how much it will cost you in tokens. Letters/numbers however are free. HDB Tokens can be purchased: in-game with server currency, /h shop for horseshoes, /vshop using vote points, or on the donation store.


The plugin GriefPrevention, which is also responsible for land claims, offers a simple way to trade and sell dogs, cats, and parrots between players using a command. To transfer ownership of an animal to another player, the owner must use the command /givepet username then right click the desired animal.

Armor Stand Editor

Ever wonder how players create floating text or place items on surfaces? That would be the armour stand editor plugin! Using an armor stand and an iron nugget you can adjust the placement, gravity, visibility, equipment and more on an armor stand. Simply right click the air with an iron nugget to open the editor menu where you can then select the different options and right click the desired armor stand to apply. This can be a bit tricky at first playing around with different settings will help you familiarise yourself with its functionality!