Ranch n Craft Wiki

On RnC we have two plugins to help you protect your land and belongings: Grief Prevention and BlockLocker.


BlockLocker allows a player to private individual blocks such as chests, doors, furnaces, anvils, ore blocks, and more, preventing other players from using or accessing them. To lock a block right click it with any sign and it will instantly become a private sign. To allow other specified players access to locked blocks you can edit your private signs by using the command /blocklocker [line number] [ign].

Grief Prevention

Grief prevention is a broader protection system that allows players to claim areas of land and allow other players levels of ‘trust’ to them. From creating private claims to subdividing sections to create town or shop plots, Grief prevention is the best way to keep your property protected.

To get started claiming land you will need any wooden shovel and a feather. Simply right-click two blocks in opposite corners of a rectangle to claim the area, you can check if this worked successfully by right-clicking the ground you claimed with a feather, which will light up claimed areas with glowstone. Alternatively you can type /claim in chat to create a small claim where you are standing. You can later expand claims by right-clicking a corner of the claim with a wooden shovel, which will become visible if you right-click the ground with a feather, then right-clicking the new block in the position that you would like to move the corner to. Claims protect everything within it against all players except the claims owner and trusted users. There are various levels of trust that grant players different access to the claim and the command will need to be performed by the claim owner while standing inside the desired claim. Be sure you trust the player you are adding to your claim before giving them access! Claims can also be subdivided into smaller sections with their own lists of trusted players, making it easy to allow other players access to one area of your claim and not another. Claim sizes are dependent on how many claim blocks you have in your possession, which you can check by doing /claimlist. Each claim block will cover one minecraft block of space and cost $5 in-game currency per block, they can be purchased through the command /buyclaim #.

Though GriefPrevention is mostly known for it’s land claiming abilities it also covers /givepet, /ignore, and /trapped!

Claiming Commands

/abbandonClaim or /unclaim Removes the current claim you are standing in
/abandonallclaims Removes all of your claims
/trust (ign) Gives specified player access to edit within the claim
/untrust (ign) Revokes granted permissions to a player in the claim
/accesstrust (ign) Gives specified player access to buttons, levers, and beds within claim.
/containertrust (ign) Gives specified player access to buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals within the claim
/permissiontrust (ign) Gives specified player full permission and access to the claim as well as the ability to trust and untrust others to it
/subdivideclaims Switches wooden shovel to subdivision mode
/buyclaimblocks and /sellclaimblocks Purchase or sell claimblocks from and to the server.