Ranch n Craft Wiki

How to Join

You can join Ranch n’ Craft on the Java edition of minecraft on any version 1.16.5 or higher, although the smoothest gameplay will be on the version in which we are based, 1.16.5. Put in our ip, mc.ranchncraft.com into your multiplayer servers list and you’re in! You’ll join in our academy and will be able to claim your very first horse. One of our volunteers or guides will greet you and teach you all you need to know about caring for your new horse and getting started on Ranch n’ Craft!

After learning with your guide its up to you on what comes next on your journey on RnC! Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Arriving in spawn

After claiming your horse you will want to familiarise yourself with the basics of the server by reading through /rules and the books in your inventory. It’s important to know what we do and do not allow before going any further! You may want to check out /spawn and all it has to offer. Inside spawn you will find: the community farm where you can harvest food for yourself and your horse, a mall with different unique player shops and rentable plots, show grounds with free to use arenas for various horse events and stalls to keep your horse, NPCs to trade for items and accept quests from, vote crates to redeem and trade vote keys, the train station that leads to different communities around the server, convenient and affordable rentable new player housing, and more! You may explore spawn on your own or ask your guide to give you a tour around the area! Now is also a good time to check out our /warps.

Your first home

After checking out spawn you may opt to create your own house over renting, you can start by heading into the wild using the command /tpr, this will send you to a random location in the main world. Before you get started building you will want to claim your land to prevent it from being raided or griefed. Unclaimed land is free-game, meaning other players can grief or take items from your chests! You can check out our page on claiming land for more information on how to do this. Next, you will need to set a home within your claim so you can return to it when you wish to. /sethome <home name> will create a home point, you can set 5 as long as you name them all different things.

Making money and getting items

Ranch n craft has a thriving player-driven economy. You may be wondering now how you go about making some money. A great option for new players is joining jobs; select jobs according to actions you are already doing, such as cutting wood or mining, to make the most out of them! As you start to gather items you can choose to /sell hand the items while holding them to sell them to the server for a set price. You can check this price in advance to selling with /worth while holding the item. You can also create your own chest shops to sell to other players for any price you deem appropriate. When it comes to shopping for items you need, Ranch n Craft doesn’t have one specific market, but rather many different shopping areas available to explore. You can find player-built shops on fast travel or rented shop plots in the mall at spawn or in the communities. Ranch n Craft also offers the ability to purchase some special items for real currency on our donation store.

What next?

The great thing about our server is the diversity. You are able to play however you would like, whether that be focusing on your horse and building a ranch, growing your balance, questing and playing minigames, or just chatting and hanging out with others, the options are endless! If you have any more questions or want to learn more about our server take a further look around this wiki and our discord!