Ranch n Craft Wiki

On RnC we have a thriving economy that has many avenues to earn (and spend!) in-game money. The most reliable way of making money is with jobs. This plugin pays you for doing actions you are probably doing anyway!

To see a list of jobs you can join, use the command /jobs browse. A GUI will pop up where you are able to join/leave jobs and see what/how much the job pays you for doing each action! There are bonuses and penalties on jobs depending on how many users have joined a job, this will impact the amount of money you earn off of it. As you level up a job, you will get paid more for the actions associated with it. All users are able to join up to 3 jobs at a time, users with paid ranks enable you to have more jobs at once. If you leave a job, beware that you will lose 10% of your levels for that job. Some jobs also have penalties for doing certain actions while employed in a job, check these out in /jobs browse.

On RnC every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 3am-5am EST and 3pm-5pm EST 2X, aka you get a double payout for all jobs!

Jobs available on RnC:


The woodcutter job is one of the most popular jobs on RnC and known for being the most well paying. This job revolves around chopping woods, beware the penalties for placing woods.


The miner job is another very popular job on RnC. This job revolves around blocks breakable by pickaxe! Beware penalties for placing ores.


The excavator job is a popular job on RnC. This job revolves around blocks breakable by shovel.


The hunter job revolves around killing players and mobs.


The farmer job is a favourite on RnC. This job involves planting and harvesting crops, and breeding and killing animals.


The builder job pays you for placing a wide variety of blocks used for building structures.


The crafter job pays you for crafting blocks and items.


The toolsmith job revolves around crafting and repairing tools and armour, and smelting ingots.


The brewer job pays you for brewing potions.


The explorer job pays you for exploring the map. Pay increases for newly discovered chunks or entering chunks you have not yet visited.


The enchanter job pays you for enchanting tools and armour.


The fisherman job pays you for catching fish with a rod.