Ranch n Craft Wiki

Q I have a question about how to use a specific plugin.

A You can find information on most of our plugins under their designated page right here on this wiki! All plugins are located under the plugins category. If you are looking for a command you can also check out the command page.

Q How do I get a nickname?

A To give yourself a nickname you can use /nick and colour codes (this requires the buckaroo rank, which is applied after 24 hours of playtime on the server, you can check this with /ar time). Typing !colors into chat will give you a list of all the available colours and their codes. Colour codes are used before each letter you want to be a different colour (Ex: If you wanted to be named Fluffy in solid pink you would do /nick &dFluffy, if you wanted to be named Mango in yellow and green alternating you would do /nick &eM&aa&en&ag&eo).

Q I’m having an issue that requires staff attention but no staff are online/I have found a bug/glitch.

A To receive help for issues when the needed rank of staff is not online or if you believe you have found a bug/glitch please go to our help channel on discord[1] (#ranch-n-help) or submit a help ticket[2]!

Q A new player joined and no volunteers/staff are online!

A There may be times where no volunteer+ are available to be online and a new player joins the server, don’t worry as our academy is set up to help a new player complete claiming a horse and get started on their own! The most helpful thing you can do in times like these is remember the options the new player selects going through academy (how they found the server, if they would like help claiming a horse, did they successfully claim a horse?) and send this information in the discord help channel (#ranch-n-help)!

Q How do I reset my account and start over?

A If you have been offline for a long period of time you may wish to reset your progress on the server and start over, we can help you out with this! At this time completely resetting does not have a large benefit and we encourage you to rather speak to an admin+ about receiving a new horse/having your horse revived for free! If you still wish to completely reset please submit a reset form.[3]

Q Why was I punished?

A If you are punished for any reason you will receive an alert ingame with the reasoning, you can access a history of past punishments on our ban page[4] or appeal any punishment you may feel is unfair by filling out an appeal form.[5]