Ranch n Craft Wiki

Horse Commands

/h list Opens your horse list
/h spawn Opens your horse list to spawn horses
/h spawnall Spawns all of your horses
/h despawn Opens your horse list to despawn horses
/h sell (price) Opens your horse list to put a horse on h market
/h market Opens the horse market
/h lease Opens your horse list to lease a horse
/h cancel Cancel a lease
/h free Permanently deletes a horse, you will receive 10k in return
/h rename Changes the name of your horse (requires rename item)
/h help List of horse commands
/h pause (stat) Halts the leveling of a stat
/h unpause (stat) Resumes the leveling of a stat
/h shop Horseshoe shop
/h top Displays top level horses/riders
/h boosters Currently active boosters
/h claim (name) Claim an RPG horse
/h deny Deny a lease request
/h trust Trust another player to your horse
/h changebreed Change the breed of your horse (requires breed changer item)
/h register Registers your horse (requires register item)

Teleport Commands

/tpa (ign) Teleport to a player
/tpaccept Accept a teleport request
/tpdeny Deny a teleport request
/tpacancel Cancel a teleport request
/tpatoggle Toggle if others can send you tpa requests
/sethome (name) Sets a home point
/home (name) Teleport to your home
/homes Home list
/ft Opens up the fast travel menu to teleport to player set warps
/warp Shows a list of server set warps
/warp (warp name) Teleports you to that warp
/rp tp or /tpr Teleport to a random location in the wild
/spawn Return to spawn
/back Return to your last location
/ptp Teleport to a party member

Claim Commands

/claim Claim an area of land
/claimlist See the coordinates of all your claims
/unclaim Unclaim the claim you are standing in
/abandonallclaims Unclaims ALL your claims
/subdivideclaim Create subdivisions in an existing claim
/buyclaimblocks Purchase more claimblocks
/sellclaimblocks Sells claim blocks
/trust Gives another player access to your claim
/trustlist Lists all players trusted to your claim
/untrust Untrusts a player from your claim
/ct Grants another player access to the claims chests, crops, animals, beds, and buttons/levers.
/at Grants another player access to the claims beds, buttons/levers.
/pt Grants another player access to all permissions you have on your claim (ex: Trusting other people to the claim)
/blocklocker Command to create lock signs

Shop Chest Commands

/shop create (amount) (buy price) (sell price) Creates a shop chest (must be holding the item you want to sell, put 0 in buy or sell price slot to disable feature)
/shop remove Removes a shop
/shop info Gives you information on a shop chest

Job Commands

/jobs join (job name) Join a job
/jobs leave (job name) Leave a job
/jobs leaveall Leave all jobs
/jobs browse Browse all available jobs
/jobs info (job name) (action) Information on a job action
/jobs bonus (job name) Current job bonuses
/jobs clearownership Clear ownership of furnaces/brewing stands
/jobs stats Shows your level in joined jobs
/jobs top (job name) Top players in specified job
/jobs gtop Top players in jobs overall
/jobs limit Payment limit on jobs
/jobs toggle Toggles job payment popup
/jobs iteminfo Information on item being help
/jobs blockinfo Information on block being looked at

Chat Commands

/msg (ign) Send a private message to another player
/r Reply to a private message
/f Lists all friends list commands
/mail Lists all mail commands
/ignore (ign) Prevents you from seeing another players messages
/ignorelist List of ignored players
/ch (g/l/m) Changes your default chat channel
/join (g/l/m) Joins a chat channel
/leave (g/l/m) Leaves a chat channel
/(g/l/m) [message] Sends a message in a chat channel

Mcmmo Commands

/mctop Displays top players
/mccooldown Displays cooldowns on mcmmo abilities
/mcability Toggles use of mcmmo abilities
/mcstats Displays your mcmmo levels
/mcnotify Toggles notifications for abilities

Quest/Minigame Commands

/pa cmds All parkour commands
/bw All bedwars commands
/quest Shows your current quests and progress
/quests journal Shows your quest journal with your current quests and progress
/quests quit (quest name) Quits a quest
/quests stats Shows your current quests, completed quests, and quest points
/quests top Shows the players with the most quest points

Misc Commands

/seen (ign) Tells you when a player was last online
/ar time Tells you your total playtime
/ar top Shows top player playtime
/creative Teleports you to the creative server
/rnc Teleports you back from the creative server to the main server
/bal Current balance
/baltop Top balances of others on the server
/fly Enables and disables fly (Requires fly permissions)
/hat Puts the item you are holding onto your head (Requires paid rank)
/afk Sets you afk
/hdb Database of decorative heads
/hdb search Search hdb for specific heads
/compact Converts items into blocks
/coords Displays your current coordinates
/craft or /wb Opens crafting table (Requires paid rank)
/ec Opens enderchest (Requires paid rank)
/disposal Opens a trash GUI to delete items
/durability Displays a held items durability
/worth Server worth of an item
/sell hand Sells all of the item you are holding
/formula (item) Gives the recipe to craft specific items
/givepet (ign) Transfer ownership of a pet (Horses not included)
/list Lists online players by rank
/nick (nickname) Change your nickname (Requires 24h playtime)
/pay (ign) (amount) Transfer money to another user
/realname (nickname) Shows the IGN of a player
/rules Lists server rules
/showwatch Turns on and off a stopwatch for comps
/trapped Teleport out of a claim you are stuck in
/vote Vote for the server
/xp Tell how much XP you have