Ranch n Craft Wiki

Chatting on RnC is done in three main channels: global, local, and market. By default all users are in these channels. To leave or join a channel simply use /leave (g/l/m) or /join (g/l/m), respectively. To switch the channel your messages are being sent in use the command /ch (g/l/m), or to send a single message in a channel the short form command /(g/l/m) [message]. Global chat is the main channel for communicating with other users as it can be seen by everyone, anywhere on the server and is white in colour. Local chat has an area of proximity where only users within 100 blocks of you will be able to see your message and is grey in colour. Market chat is for advertising sales and events and is green in colour. To send a direct, private message to another online user you can use the command /msg [ign] [message]. We also have a mail system to leave mail for other players which can be viewed multiple times, stored in an inbox, and sent to offline players. To see mail commands you can type in chat /mail.


Would you like a way to privately message multiple players with other additional fun perks? Try creating your own party! Party is a feature of McMMO that allows users to form a group with features such as party chat, party teleport, xp and item sharing. Party chat is only visible to members of the party and is unlocked when the party reaches level 1, which is done by gaining McMMO xp. /P is used to toggle party chat on and off.


The Friends plugin opens a new way to interact with your pals on RnC by allowing you to add and remove friends, privately message individuals, and publicly broadcast to your whole list! Each player has a set amount of friend slots they are allotted, this number is dependent on the rank you possess, increasing as you go up in paid ranks. You can find all commands under /f and, unlike some other plugins, you will be able to navigate the options via clicking them in chat!